How do we finally, make digital work for government?

How do we finally, make digital work for government?

For the last few years, the gains made to reform digital delivery in government have rolled back. Since 2020, we’ve seen more and more traditional IT contracts go out for tender, way less engagement with SMEs, and increasing disregard for iterative, user-centred development. 

The recent Public Accounts Committee report on digital transformation in government resonated with lots of people. But as we approach the election, I’ve seen nothing from politicians to make me think anyone’s taking the challenge seriously. 

In this talk, I’ll share the change I want to see. The fundamentals to making public services work for people, that will get us better quality, better outcomes and better value: 

- real accountability for outcomes 

- stable public sector leaders who are engaged with delivery 

- working in the open 

- commercial conversations that put value-for-money over price

11 March 2024, 01:00 PM

01:00 PM - 01:45 PM

About The Speakers

Dave Mann

Dave Mann

CEO, dxw