Bridging the Divide: How Social Equity Hinges on Digital Equity

Bridging the Divide: How Social Equity Hinges on Digital Equity

In today's increasingly digital world, access means opportunity. Yet, glaring disparities in digital access – the "digital divide" – threaten to widen existing social inequalities.

This talk delves into the critical link between social equity and digital equity, offering a compelling case for why closing the digital gap is not just a technological imperative, but a cornerstone of building a more just and equitable society. For public sector workers and cross-sector partners alike, understanding this interdependency is crucial.

This presentation will: Define digital equity and cover the stark realities of the digital divide, highlighting how it disproportionately impacts marginalized communities. Explore the cascading consequences of digital exclusion, from limited education and employment opportunities to diminished civic engagement and healthcare access. Showcase inspiring initiatives and best practices from diverse sectors – private, public, and non-profit – that are actively bridging the divide. Equip you with actionable steps and practical strategies to champion digital equity within your own sphere of influence.

This talk is more than just a call to action – it's a roadmap for collaborative change. By recognizing the intrinsic link between digital and social equity, we can unlock the transformative potential of technology for all, building a fairer and more prosperous future for generations to come. Key takeaways: Digital equity is a critical lever for achieving social equity in an increasingly digital world. Addressing the digital divide requires cross-sector partnerships and innovative solutions. Every role, from government policy to community outreach, has a part to play in bridging the gap. By joining forces, we can ensure that the promise of technology benefits everyone, not just a privileged few. Let's walk the path towards a digitally inclusive society together.

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13 March 2024, 12:00 PM

12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

About The Speakers

daniel gale

daniel gale

Digital Manager, GRCC (Gloucestershire Rural Community Council)

Digital Equity Expert, Lived experience led project manager, Cross-sector digital partnership lead and bottom up digital transformation