Richard Godfrey

Managing Director, Syncity Ltd

About this speaker

Richard has over fifteen years’ experience in Digital, Efficiency and Change. He has extensive knowledge of both the public and private sectors, with experience in Sales, Operations, Policy, Contract Management and Contract Performance before moving into Digital. In his time in local government Richard wrote one of the first Cloud Technology Strategies, negotiated the first direct deal with Cityfibre, worked on the Connecting Cambridgeshire Fibre broadband project, won AWS’ City on a Cloud competition, was a member of the team that won The World's Smartest City in 2015, was named as one of the first Digital Leaders 100 club members and named as one of Computer Weekly’s rising stars (2015). Richard also featured in Forbes magazine for his work on Digital City Peterborough, bringing all the layers of infrastructure, cloud technology, the public sector and the private sector to grow Peterborough’s Digital and Technology sectors. Richard is also a keen public speaker having spoken across the world on cloud computing and is a judge for a number of computing and digital awards. Richard has also published his second book - “Be The Five - Digital confidence: a simple process for digital success” available now on Amazon.

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Applying Simple Agile across your whole Digital Programme

15 March 2024, 01:30 PM
Richard Godfrey