Helena Hill

Consultant, Helena Hill Consulting

About this speaker

Helena Hill is a seasoned UX Strategist and AI Consultant with a wealth of experience spanning diverse clients, from pre-start-ups to global industry giants and the public sector. Her expertise encompasses fostering in-house UX and customer experience teams, orchestrating and implementing cutting-edge UX methodologies, and collaborating with clients to craft innovative, user-centric digital experiences. As a thought leader, Helena frequently takes the stage to share her insights on user and customer experience, artificial intelligence, and service design. and has recently extended her skills into the exciting realm of passenger experience. Furthermore, Helena holds a ChatGPT expert certification, showcasing her high level of expertise in the realm of conversational AI and how it can be utilised to exceed user and customer expectations.


AI Revolution: Shaping Tomorrow's Public Sector

15 March 2024, 10:00 AM
Helena Hill