George Unsworth

Founder and CEO, Mortar

About this speaker

George Unsworth is the founder and CEO of Mortar, a specialist agency delivering scalable, accessible, user-led solutions for public sector services. Mortar builds its solutions using an innovative service design and development framework called Hoop'd, ensuring that intelligence and data can be applied more effectively to reach and serve those most in need. Amongst the tools Mortar has developed are the Digital Inclusion Triage Tool backed by the Local Government Association, the Tenancy Sustainment Tool backed by the Greater London Authority, the Directory of What Works supporting young people at risk of exclusion in partnership with Social Finance, and the Dementia Friendly Venues Charter for the Mayor of London.


Co-designing and implementing tools to drive digital inclusion - Launching Salford's Triage Tool

15 March 2024, 03:30 PM
Karen Snape George Unsworth