Alexander Baldacchino

Professor of Medicine, Psychiatry and Addiction, University of St Andrews

About this speaker

Clinical Professor at the University of St Andrews School of Medicine, specialising in Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine. Executive Board Member and Immediate Past President to the International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM). He is Chair of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) Addiction Faculty and Chair of the CSO Innovation Reducing Drug Deaths Consortium. His main research interest lies in improving the lives of individuals with a history of substance use disorders. His research portfolio has a common thread of understanding the co-morbid conditions (physical and psychological) arising as a result of chronic abuse of pharmacological agents with dependence potential especially opioids, nicotine and alcohol. He is interested in utilising informatics systems, clinical outcome data, neuropsychological and neuroimaging processes and digital technology amongst many other possibilities in order to identify and minimise risks present in this population. Additionally, he has been working with United Nation agencies such as UNODC and WHO, with the EMCDDA, Pompidou Group and other international intergovernmental organisations to help establish practical guidelines to specific vulnerable drug using populations.


Digital Innovation - Reducing drug related harm and deaths

15 March 2024, 12:00 PM
Alexander Baldacchino